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Google Buzz – Suggestions for Improvement

Google_Buzz_ScreenshotGoogle Buzz beta: uglier UI than most twitter clients, fewer features than facebook or linkedin.


  • Categorize people (work, friends, etc.) and colorize and filter their posts
  • Use more interactively responsive visuals to enhance ‘scents of information’
  • Let me opt out of people’s individual networks (e.g. Google reader).
  • Make privacy issues transparent (give a clear view of follower network)
  • WTF is with modal popups for viewing follower list?
  • Social networks are a big enough distraction at work, and Buzz(1) is attached to gMail! Needs a clear (temporary) off button!
  • If someone follows me, I should be able to view their posts
  • Let me mention people (@person)
  • What’s novel about this? Give me a really compelling reason to use it other than "it’s next to gMail".

As for the "beta" tag, Google needs to stop it. Put up or shut up. User test software and then release it. Slapping a beta tag on everything just reminds me of Google’s history of poor support.

I would like a good social network aggregator, but Buzz isn’t quite there.

*Update: looks like someone (I believe an ex-Google employee) has set up a site to vote on Buzz improvements/fixes.

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