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Open Access VIS – updates for 2018

The purpose of Open Access Vis is to highlight open access papers, materials, and data and to see how many papers are available on reliable open access repositories outside of a paywall. See the about page for more details about reliable open access. Also, I just published a paper summarizing this initiative, describing the status of visualization research as of last year, and proposing possible paths for improving the field’s open practices: Open Practices in Visualization Research


Most visualization research papers are funded by the public, reviewed and edited by volunteers, and formatted by the authors. So for IEEE to charge $33 for each person who wants to read the paper is… well… (I’ll let you fill in the blank). This paywall is contrary to the supposedly public good of research and the claim that visualization research helps practitioners (who are not on a university campus).

But there’s an up side. IEEE specifically allows authors to post their version of a paper (not the IEEE version with a header and page numbers) to:

  • The author’s website
  • The institution’s website (e.g., lab site or university site)
  • A pre-print repository (which gives it a static URL and avoids “link rot”)


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Hello World from Steve

Just a test

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